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a.) Conclusion of the contract the buyer gives the seller consent to the processing of personal data under Section 11 of Act no. 122/2013 Z.z. on Protection of Personal Data as amended in economics and information systems vendor.

b.) The Seller retains personal information provided by the Buyer solely for the purpose of compliance with the conditions of the contract, for processing orders, delivery execution, settlement and the necessary communication between the parties for ten years.

c.) The seller shall not issue details of the buyer to third parties.

d.) The seller on the handling of personal data of the buyer in accordance with the provisions of Law no. 122/2013 Z.z. Personal Data Protection, as amended.

 e.) the ordered goods or services the buyer acknowledges that any personal information provided by the seller voluntarily and agrees with their processing in the records of the seller, unless they conflict with the law, as well as the disclosure and provision of information to third parties and state institutions on the terms and the scope of the regulations.

f.) Buyer agrees to the processing, use and disclosure of their personal data for direct marketing vendor for ten years. The buyer is free under the written request of the seller the right to object to the processing of their personal data, which implies that they are or will be processed for direct marketing purposes without his consent and to seek their destruction.

g.) The Seller and Buyer agree that all facts and information coming to their knowledge in connection with this Agreement as well as all other legal relations in connection with this contract shall be subject to commercial confidentiality.

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