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DialLog IP PBX max. 8x ISDN BRI, 2x ISDN PRI/E1 , 4x GSM ports

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Modular DialLog IP PBX optional 8x ISDN BRI, 2x ISDN PRI or 4x GSM ports

Open Source IPPBX Options
Modul 1
Ethernet Ports
G.729 codec
Disk Options
Delivery 4 - 5 Work day

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Main features:

  •         connection operators via VoIP trunk (SIP / IAX2)
  •         the ability to connect ISDN BRI, PRI and GSM ports
  •         Automated Attendant (IVR)
  •         Voicemail
  •         Voicemail to email
  •         Operator panel
  •         Background Music
  •         CTI-integration Call Park (drag and park it)
  •         Ringing group
  •         Web control panel
  •         Slovak Language Pack
  •         Advanced Call Forwarding
  •         Call recording option (on request)
  •         option in the Rack 1U or 2U version

Remote call pickup
Each branch can be classified into groups in which users can lift calls.

Call Waiting (Call Waiting)
After activating this function will be informed if a second call with a beep and the display will show the caller's number.

Call Recording
DialLog IP PBX allows to record calls either permanently or dialing a predefined code on the phone during a call. Recording can be activated for each branch separately. It can adjust recording príchdodzích and outgoing calls separately.

Advanced incoming and outgoing call routing
Incoming calls are usually directed by number, which was called directly for each branch or group of branches, voice menu, call center, conference room or to voicemail. Of course there is direction respectively according to Caller ID blocking. Call routing according to the timetable is standard feature DialLog IP PBX.

It is also possible to divert according to the current line status (busy, answering the redirecting immediately) the individual functional VoIP PBX DialLog IP PBX (voicemail, call center, conference room, voice tree, etc ..), or any number. Redirection can be activated by telephone or via the web interface.
S konkrétonou branch may be linked to multiple phone numbers (Follow Me feature). When an incoming call can ring at not just IP phone, but for example. cordless phone, home phone or cell phone.
Outgoing calls are usually routed according to the numbers that are called through the appropriate outbound trunk (IP, ISDN, PSTN) in accordance with specified rules. In the event of failure of one journey (eg. SIP trunk), the call is routed through another autamaticky trunk (eg. ISDN). Calls to selected numbers may be prohibited or require a password prior to the call.

Optional Interface
As standard is DialLog IP PBX equipped with one Ethernet port. It is possible to expand the system interfaces BRI (ISDN 2), PRI (ISDN 30) FXS (analog), FXO, GSM modules. Via SIP protocol can be connected
FXS / FXO gateway or GSM gateway. In the case of the transition to IP PBX phone will not interfere with the original. DialLog IP PBX can connect virtually with any PBX and further develop its configuration.

Call Detail Record (CDR)
For each call record is created in the database (MySQL). Entries can browse, search and sort through transparent web interface. You can create graphs and tables show how the export records in CSV and PDF.

Audio recording of the control panel
Sound recordings for DialLog IP PBX can be uploaded through a web interface or create a recording directly from the IP phone using voice guidance. Music for DialLog IP PBX is recorded in MP3 format.

Control DialLog IP PBX via a web interface
Data logger configuration and control of selected functions is performed via a web interface. For individual functions and configurations can be different access rights.

Supported protocols
SIP protocol support is granted, all modern devices support SIP VoIP. It is also possible to use IAX2, which ensures much better cooperation with NATE, and if Firewall throughput multi-channel trunk to better manage bandwidth. It can implement support for H.323, MGCP and Cisco Skinny.

Supported audio codecs
G.711 (A, L), G.729 (must purchase a license for the necessary number of channels), GSM, iLBC

Conventional fax machine can be connected through the converter. Incoming faxes can DialLog IP PBX to process and send as PDF to email.

Dialing from Outlook
If you use Microsoft Outlook for contact management, you can dial contacts via TAPI interface and tie with other applications or systems.


Data sheet

ISDN BRI port(s)
Number of Ethernet Ports
3 x Ethernet Port
GSM port(s)
ISDN E1/T1/ISDN PRI port(s)
2x PRI